Paltrow Quot Leave Lily Allen Alone Quot

Theyre doing that to a child - Lily is not yet a woman. Speaking of Elle, Paltrow has said that he was disgusted by some of the negative comments directed towards the 23-year-old. Gwyneth Paltrow has slammed criticism of Lily Allen, insisting that people should leave alone. Shell be correct because shes a smart girl and very talented. But this is a great test for his age, when youre. The star of Shakespeare In Love has known Allen for years, having worked with the singer mother on two films. The way I feel this is a disgrace!.

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Ronaldinho Quot Star Has Faded At Ac Milan

Ronaldinho suffers a AC Milan, taking every opportunity to return to Barcelona for a night to forget his performance by moving to Serie A, according to a report in Catalan daily Sport.The Brazilian form this season for the Rossoneri have meant that last weekend he was glued to the bench by coach Carlo Ancelotti, such as young Matthew Darmian was the third substitute used against Lazio.

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Jessica Biel Emcees Sci Tech Oscars

Jessica Biel is to be mistress of ceremonies for this Saturday Scientific and Technical Oscars presentation. 22 Oscar television.. Kudofest takes place at The Beverly Wilshire with tape airing excerpts in the Feb.

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The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button

Henson (Hustle Flow). Brad Pitt, the stars and is perhaps his finest performance in The Curious Case Of Benjamin Benjamin. Benjamin, abandoned by his father at birth, is raised by Queenie, a black woman and an assistant to a house the elderly, played by Taraji P. The narrative of the film is given by Pitt and read like a diary from Daisy and Benjamin estranged daughter Caroline played by Julia Ormond (First Knight Sabrina).

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Jennifer Aniston Rescues A Gorgeous Husky

The dog was in danger of using a deep conditioning wrong! We have a child. L husky, calling Jen beautiful (not t be jealous, John), which had darted into traffic on busy Sunset Blvd. Jen noticed that when the dog has hopped from his car and, with the help of another good Samaritan, he moved out of harm way. Access Hollywood said the Pooch saved from a situation of danger to life. This just in: Jennifer Aniston care of dogs! L actress recently came to the aid of a dog in crisis.

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